render requests


New Keyboards:

$25 per scene, which will include 3 camera angles of your choice. Will at least require an accurate plate file for keycap layout.Β 

Note: if this is a new model, and you’re comfortable letting me use this for future rendering as an available model for keyset presentations we can work out a much reduced pricing for this.Β 

Β Keyset Renders:

Base Kit: $25

Child Kits: $5 per kit

Your keyset on a keyboard: $20 (Includes 3 angles, $5 per additional angle after)


Β Single Turntable Style Animation, up to 10 seconds in length: $60

Can do turntable style animations for your Keysets/Rama Novelties/Keyboards. This is something I’ve just dipped my toes into, so only simple options are currently available. The price difference here is due to the fact that rendering these animations takes somewhere between 10-20x the time of a still render might to finish the render. That’s not taking into account the layout and color matching process to get to the point of beginning this render.


Models currently available for keyset renders:

  1. TEK-80
  2. TEK-Alpha
  3. HBCP
  4. TMO50 & TMOv2
  5. TX-60 v2
  6. TX-65
  7. TX-66

Boards in the works: Rama boards, Klippe S


When sending colors for a keyset render, be sure to try and provide RAL color codes when available. Otherwise I will accept SP color chip references, Pantone, and GMK color references. Hex won’t be accepted by the manufacturer, so color matching on my part would likely make no sense. I can use hex if insisted, but be aware that revisions for hex color matching will be very limited when rendering keysets.


Revisions are limited to 3 with the pricing listed here, and will be an additional $5 per revision after. That being said, if something needs correcting that’s an obvious mistake, it will not count as an explicit revision. Color changes, layout changes, camera angle adjustments, and the like will be considered revisions in this context.


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