fr4 filco plates and liners


>Geekhack GroupBuy Thread<


  • Paypal
    Paypal will be releasing the funds this week, and I should be clear to pick up the liners next week!
  • Proto Full Plates
    The full plates have finally made their way to me! Fitment looks to be good, but I’m a bit paranoid about this so I am waiting on some switches and a PCB to do a build and be sure switch alignment is also good.
  • Timeline
    Currently my timeline is to start sending shipping invoices in mid April, potentially a bit earlier depending on how quickly parts get to me for the test build. Initial shipping will be for all Full Plates and liners that do not include any specialty configurations. The Shipping is TBD on the specialty plates but they will be ordered just after the test build confirms all fitment (Specialty plates include; Half plates and OEM fit full plates).








  • Paypal
    Same as last time I am still waiting on a large chunk of the paypal to clear, which will be the funds for the liners. Luckily the liners are are actually complete and ready to pick up! So if it comes down to it I will pay for these with my own funds.
  • Proto Full Plates
    My initial order of full plates purchased before the buy started has still not yet started production, so I’ve sent sent an email out about it, to see if their area has been effected by recent events. I doubt this will push production times on these back too far, but it’s best to let you guys know.


  • Paypal
    Since I’ve not done a sale like this in the past, PayPal has predictably put a hold on 2 of the invoices paid, unfortunately the ones on hold are much larger than any others. I talked to a CSR beforehand who assured me there wouldn’t be an issue, but since I hadn’t sent an invoice in quite some time, and then suddenly sent a lot in one afternoon, there was a disconnect. Working with the users and Paypal to get this expedited, but I don’t want to expect anyone to do anything that might jeopardize their buyer’s protection. Because of that expect a potential delay on the Liners. Fortunately their turnaround time will be about 7 business days from when the invoice is paid!
  • Proto Full Plates
    My initial order of full plates purchased before the buy started has not yet started production, as the files are still in review. With the recent CNY holiday I imagine they are catching up though, so more productive updates on this